Unlock profitable and consistent forex alerts

…much more than just alerts

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best forex trading alerts

Market is king, Margin is King Kong

no more blown accounts

With our signals you will perfectly know where are We entering a trade, why are We entering here, and how much We can lose if a trade hits stop-loss. With our time-proven strategies, we can confidently trade in the market using 1% risk per trade.

We give you everything that you need to be able to enter the trade correctly under all conditions, via video lessons included.

Quality over quantity - Again

Alerts every day?

No. We aren’t like other signal groups. We stick to our strategy and that means We are not sending any forex alerts when the criteria for our entry strategy isn’t met. Quality = Sanity.

During a week we send from 2-10 alerts at maximum. Those are the highest quality trades with a high win rate and incredible risk to reward ratio. We recommend you to check our Instagram to see what we are talking about.

forex trading signals alerts

You will recieve...

Dedicated support

Answers for your questions about trades immediately

Video lessons

How to use alerts to not blow your account and compound

high performace alerts

Alerts that will bring you peace in mind with money side-effect

Other benefits

Afordable price

We believe that our prices are more than fair for ROI provided

Relaxed trading

We send, You copy. No more laggy indicators on charts!

additional value

Insides of the strategy via charts and educational content

Prices and process


We offer 3 plans for subscription to alerts. Billing for One, Three, or Six months. Prices are 35€ for 1 month, 80€ for 3 months, and 140€ for 6 months.


We process payments via PayPal or credit cards. Payment is processed via a Telegram bot, which will guide you through the checkout process.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your live subscription anytime you want. If you do it before the next billing cycle. No more charges will be taken. After canceling, please take the time to give us a feedback. We'll be missing you.

Contact the Bot

As we said. The whole process is handled by an telegram bot which will guide you through the selection of plans, checkout process and will automatically add you to the premium group. Contact the bot now!