There is a lot to ask! Please find if anyone submitted your question already before contacting our support. We got to be effective together.

There is a lot to ask! Please find if anyone submitted your question already before contacting our support. We got to be effective together.

What are trading signals?

A trading signal is a trade suggestion made by a seasoned trader. All the necessary information, including the opening price and opening time, the take profit objective, and the stop loss target, is provided by forex signals so that you can place a trade on a specific currency pair or other trading instrument. Live trading possibilities are delivered through Telegram as forex signals.

Is it challenging to enter/follow signals?

As a trade recommendation, the information and details such as the Buy/Sell action, the Opening Price, the Take Profit and Stop Loss targets and the Opening Time are specified well, which you can follow very easily when trading. We are sending all information needed for you to follow the signals + some extra tips and tricks for you to learn!

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No. We’re not like the other signal groups. We adhere to our strategy, which means we do not send signals when the criteria for our entry strategy are not met. Quality equals sanity. High-quality trades with a high win rate and a fantastic risk-to-reward ratio takes their time. We usually send 3-10 signals per week.

It makes no difference where you are from. Trejduj forex signals are available world-wide. Yes you can pay with crypto also!

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will not be charged if you do it before the next billing cycle. Please take the time to provide feedback after canceling. We will miss you.

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Yes we do. Our journal is shared with detailed trade information with premium signal members. Screenshots, charts, analysis and commentary and thought process is provided as well. If you are interested in our results and the look of the journal please navigate to „results“ page under forex signals.

We have been focused in trading major pair such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY and GOLD but we are not afraid to trade other currency pairs or indices when the market presents profitable trading opportunities.

Our company is made up of a small group of professionals, experienced, and profitable traders who execute trades MANUALLY based on pure price action and smart money concepts.

We are reachable on live chat on this site, Telegram or Instagram @trejduj and you can also use email form on the contact page for this purpose.

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Prices will only go higher

We are committed to maximising our profits from the Forex markets. We analyse and re-analyse the technical and fundamental pressures on the major currency pairs every day. We use this data to pick the best trades for our own accounts and to share quality signals. By subscribing to our service, you will be notified immediately of any trades we make on our accounts. We include all of the information you’ll need to follow the signals, such as the entry price, stop loss, and take profit. The Telegram app will instantly send all of this information. You can now follow our professional trades on a daily basis.

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We believe, that trading is for everyone. For many of us, it was a difficult journey until becoming profitable and consistent. That’s why Trejduj was created. To help novices and connecting traders across the globe.


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