Trejduj means - let's trade!

Trejduj means
- let's trade!

Connecting Dots

In your trading knowledge to be calm in every trading decision.

Personal Growth

Connecting experienced forex team members with you.

Beginners Course

Try our courses and become a professional trader with Trejduj.

Trading Consistency

Consistency separates successful traders from non-successful.

Our Mission

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Trading is a very lonely job. Unless you work in a company or share office with other traders. Let Trejduj be the office for you, where you can find other traders & share your point of view on trading. After years as individuals, we finally decided to connect traders around the world in one community – Trejduj community, where we will all improve. Trading is for everyone don’t forget it, and let us prove that to you by our simple trading methods.

Success Stories Starts With our services

Premium and Free
telegram signals

Join telegram groups

Free & premium group where you can find signals, news, updates, live streams and many more helpful, trading related information.

Forex challenge
passing service

accounts up to 300k

Let us help you and pass your challenges by prop firms so you can have your account funded up to 300k hustle free but with a fee.

Education & strategy
e-books (Soon)

E-books with our point of view

Doesn’t matter if you are new to trading or you already been trading for years. You will learn something new with a call in the end.

Do You Want To Boost Your Trading?

Become A Better Trader

Learn more about our services. We will teach you trade step by step using our insights and strategies in our forex community. If you don’t have time for that now, you can use our premium signal service from us.

Our premium services are a great and cheap way to start making money in the forex market. We can also pass your challenge and get you funded so you can start making money.

And if you decided to do it on your own we also provide e-books which can be a great helper on your journey. Take advantage of the services we offer and become a better trader with Trejduj!

David and Ivan come up with the Trejduj concept. We have been in the market for over 6 years and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. A lot has happened, and there is still more to come.

The foreign exchange market (forex, FX or currency market) is a global decentralised market for trading currency. This market determines the exchange rate between different currencies. All aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies take place in this market at current or determined prices. It is the largest market in the world in terms of trading volume.

Although FTMO and ThePropTrading are other excellent options, MFF continues to be the best prop firm in the business as of this writing and ranks first on our list of the most recommended!

It depends on the market situation, every day is different. We’re focusing on quality, which means we don’t send pointless and unprepared signals.

In order to be profitable through the exchange of foreign currencies, one needs to have a good understanding of fundamental and technical aspects of the financial markets along with proper risk management. So, it’s up to you after all… But we are here to help!

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Forex FAQ

We know you have a lot of question. Our page with frequently asked questions can answer most of them. If you haven’t found yours contact live agent anytime!

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We believe, that trading is for everyone. For many of us, it was a difficult journey until becoming profitable and consistent. That’s why Trejduj was created. To help novices and connecting traders across the globe.


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