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In our forex team, we focus on daily general trading. Inside the trading group, you will meet new forex people. Hang out with them and talk about charts all day!

Also, you can jump in a live trading room and show us & others your point of view. You will be mentored by certified FTMO and proprietary traders, do you have any questions? (It’s free)

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Connecting dots

In your trading knowledge to be calm in every trading decision.

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Connecting experienced forex team members with you.

Trading consistency

Consistency separates successful traders from non-successful.

Trading Strategy​​

Discipline & Persistence are also trading strategies.

Chart analysing

It's necessary to understand what you are doing.

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Try our courses and become a professional trader with Trejduj.

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Learn more about our premium services. We will teach you trade step by step using our insights and strategies in our forex community. If you don’t have time for that now, you can use the premium signal service from us. Our premium services are a great and cheap way to start making money in the forex market. Take advantage of the services we offer and become a better trader with Trejduj!

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