Let us introduce ourselves

together- We are trejduj, learn more about us

Helping traders and guiding forex people through the storms

Our mission

Teamwork makes the dream work

Trading is a very lonely job. Unless you work in a company or share office with other traders. Let Trejduj be the office for you, where you can find other traders & share your point of view on trading. After years as individuals, we finally decided to connect traders around the world in one community – Trejduj community, where we will all improve. Trading is for everyone don’t forget it, and let us prove that to you by our simple trading methods.

Where it started

When you find the right people - it clicks

Well, so far we are two running the whole project or company we could say. We are Ivan aka “Pohy” and David. It all started when I introduced David to trading 4 years ago. From that point, we started a long journey together. Hours and hours behind the charts analyzing, trading, winning, losing, reporting trades, and seeking the most simple and powerful methods to be consistently profitable. We’ve recognized people’s needs and struggles and we trying to help.

How it's going

So far so good

We started the social channels on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. We’ve made the 40 videos free course to introduce you to trading and its problematic, also we have prepared documents for live seminars about advanced strategies and psychology tricks for premium discord groups. We are growing every day and working on our dream community. Let’s get this internet bread together!

How can you help

Be serious and loyal

We believe, that only people who are serious about learning to trade and taking signals properly will join our channels. You can help us by being coachable and willing to ask anything if you don’t get something we’ve posted or taught you. You are invited to our free discord community where you can chat about everything. Make connections with other traders and us. See ya in channels!

Are we legit?

Yes, we are registered!

We have registered a company called Trejduj s.r.o. in our country. We don’t want to be “unregistered” as other trading services out there because then it lacks legitimacy. We trust you and we need you to trust us. You can check our company in registers on the right.

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Trejduj s.r.o.