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We run this live-trading community on trejduj discord server. Every day We are meeting new people in a forex chat room full of live traders. You can use it also as a forex live chat, there are rooms divided to every trading topic you can imagine. Come to meet new people like you and show us and other people your point of view, spread knowledge, give advice or receive one. Hang out with other traders during your trading session and make friends!

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There are many things that you can do inside the community. We are not a simple forex signals forum. We trade together so we breathe together and we also take losses together. In everyday life, We try to help our fellow live traders, students, beginners, and team members. You are welcome!

Besides trading activities you can for example participate in challenges, let us review your losses or “bad” setups or trades, post your chart work, make friends, win prizes and follow free services as free signals, analysis, and take advantage of free education!