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As we all know trading is a lonely road. This is exactly why You should join our community of premium members, where you can find new people from across the world, talk about trades, setups & other things from our concepts which you learn. Most important thing is that You will be mentored by certified FTMO traders and learn our concepts of trading in the market. Strategies, entry points, rules, and psychology tricks.

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This community is only for serious people. If you are coachable – We can guide you through our powerful concepts to make you a  full-time trader. No more indicators, triangles, patterns, and other bullshit. We can teach you the insights into the market and after getting it right you will be able to trade in every market under all conditions. We just need your interest and some of your time to teach you how to look at the market from the right angle. You will know the “Why” behind every price move.

free forex community

You will recieve...

Scheduled Seminars

Where we are going to teach you the concepts step by step.

Regular analysis

To always refresh the skills and POV that we will teach you

Helpful community

Traders that are longer with us will help you anytime

Educational content

Always fresh insights of the market from our perspective

Video report

Explained trade setups that we took during the week together

Premium Signals

To help you start and earn during you learn the steps

Other benefits

Afordable price

We believe that our prices are more than fair for ROI provided

Become Full-time

This experience will boost your trading to next level

Always ask

Ask for analysis, review your trades, other questions and get answers from us.

Prices and process


We offer 3 plans for subscription to premium community. Billing for One, Three, or Six months. Prices are 55€ for 1 month, 120€ for 3 months, and 210€ for 6 months.


We process payments via PayPal or credit cards. Payment is processed via upgrade.chat bot, which will guide you through the checkout process.

Free trial

No. But if you book a call, we can show you the behind-the-scenes of our community and how things are working here. During a call, we will show you the premium group, learning materials and explain everything to you.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your live subscription anytime you want. If you do it before the next billing cycle. No more charges will be taken. After canceling, please take the time to give us a feedback. We'll be missing you.

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As we said. The whole process is handled by an upgrade.chat bot which will guide you through the selection of plans, checkout process and will automatically add you to the premium group. Contact the bot now!